The bunker was built from 1968 to 1972, as a fallout shelter for the staff of the Stasi's Leipzig administration in case of a nuclear attack. Then come the major works devoted to the construction of heavy coastal batteries in the Pas de Calais; those related to the transformation of major ports into Fortresses and the construction of Atlantic bases for submarine flotillas. From level to level, we discover the main aspects of the daily life of men posted on the Atlantic Wall.In this one place, both Observation Post, Shooting Direction Post, Command Post, you will seem to share a moment of the daily life of soldiers living in this confined space of concrete. The Atlantic Wall to play its full defensive role had to be able to communicate in a particularly effective way all its constituent elements. And before the Landing, 600,000 tons of concrete will still be poured by the OT.But let’s come to the constituent elements of a blockhouse. Without going into the details of the abbreviations assigned to the different types of work, the mention SK is precisely a construction that does not meet any pre-defined model. This set consists of about 80 concrete works, 22 pieces of artillery of all kinds. must build a real wall of fire.The various armed forces are held in the face of any attack on the coast to comply with the requirements of their commanding commander as part of their tactical capabilities …. 4 commando practices a breach in the barbed wire network after crossing the beach while charging. The rest of this second Regiment will disembark at 10 o’clock.In this sector, the main objectives of the 7th US Corps have been achieved. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. A bay at Arromanches will be used to build the British artificial harbor, the Mulberry B. The junction programmed with the airborne bridgehead is realized. Protect equipment and men as much as possible from shelling by concrete shelters. The meeting with the paratroopers is done at 1.30 pmBut back to Ouistreham where; the battery of the water tower is taken back by the tanks of 28 East Yorkshire that have bypassed the city.The Germans surrendered without much resistance, and the Allies captured at the same time 300 men from an Ost-Battalion fleeing in the plain on all their legs.It was not until June 7, at the end of the day, that the Germans, entrenched at the port and the Pointe du Siège, capitulated to the tanks of the 38th Infantry Division, quickly realizing their isolation, their possible retirement cut by the men of the 6th Airborne. The beds are retractable, as needed, as in the Kriegsmarine to free up space. Engage all of your senses to enjoy an immersive experience of everyday life in the former East Germany. He wanted every area of ​​the Atlantic Wall to be able to hold for a long time, even against a massively larger enemy. It is to say in what esteem he held it. “Ouistreham at War – Sword Beach – June 1944” at Editions Heimdal, by Fabrice Corbin, Curator of the “Grand Bunker”, the Atlantic Wall Museum. Civil company, it is nonetheless a paramilitary organization with ranks, uniforms and training. One of the striking aspects of the Berlin Story is its location: a huge concrete bunker built during the First World War. Faced with innumerable English incursions, the decision to modernize it is taken in 1779. The first tanks AVRE (Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers) arrive at 07:25. Anyone from anywhere who is interested is more then welcome to join us. The Todt Organization also had to ensure that they shelter, for the Atlantic facade, 5 underwater bases under ultra-reinforced shelters. WT 80 without cooktop (ohne Kochplan); the WT 80K, with hob (mit Kochplan) and WT 120 which also had a hob. 4 commandos reach the locks that have not been mined. In the same year, Fritz Todt was appointed Inspector General of the German Road Network (Generalinspektor für das deutsche Straßenwesen).He later became Director of the Central Office for Technology in the NSDAP Directorate for the Reich (Leiter des Hauptamts für Technik der Reichsleitung der NSDAP). These tanks engage the fight with the German defenses. He knew perfectly well that he needed more time because the Atlantikwall, which had to decide the fate of the outcome of the war for Germany, still showed many weaknesses …Be that as it may, the Atlantic Wall, even though it had to suffer tensions between the Kriegsmarine and the Heer, dissensions between Von Rundstedt and Rommel, an arsenal of artillery too heterogeneous and old, of large punctures in men for the Eastern front, reinforcements in troops of foreign volunteers and a morale of the soldiers sheltering there who was not mainly of the most fighting, even if he had to suffer of all this, it was none the less, D-Day, a priority objective to be silenced and the Atlantic Wall was never, by the SHAEF (Supreme Allied Command), minimized in its defensive capabilities. H for the Heer, L for the Luftwaffe and M for the Kriegsmarine. In addition, some stove models could consume ambient oxygen. It is then consolidated by steel cables to prevent access to the Orne enemy stars who try to infiltrate the land. The 79th Armored Division will be established in April 1943 and commanded by Major-General Sir Percy Hobart. Another main objective on the evening of D-Day, the city of Bayeux which is a strategic crossroads. Name in German (with external links) Location Description; Grenzdokumentations-Stätte Lübeck-Schlutup; Schlutup, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein The Border Documentation Site of Lübeck-Schlutup is located in a former West German customs building in Schlutup, a suburb of Lübeck, near the site of the most northerly crossing point on the inner German border. Arrange the batteries so that they can support a 60-day seat. The waves cover thousands of beach obstacles …Bernières is defended by two anti-tank guns, heavy mortars, machine-gun positions, fortified dwellings … The fighting will be fierce and will result in heavy losses …Courseulles opposes the Canadian troops many concrete positions that house guns, machine guns, mortars … It will take Canadian soldiers lead two assaults and terrible street fighting to overcome the German resistance …Saint-Aubin, Langrune and Gray will not be released as of June 6th.The losses are particularly severe on the evening of June 6:7th Brigade: 323 casualties including 118 killed.8th Brigade: 373 casualties including 110 killed. The Landing Craft that was used to shoot the film “Save Private Ryan” lands at the Atlantic Wall Museum. And although it is a Sonderkonstruktion, standard elements also characterize this unique architecture. They are called more prosaically Dragon’s teeth …Tetrapods or elements with three feet as their name suggests will also be used variously to form dam.And we must not forget the many types of mines that were arranged copiously in large fields. Near the downstream lock, a 20 mm Flak gun on a tank is attached to a shelter for the staff. After Colleville, the green berets cross Saint-Aubin-d’Arquenay completely devastated by the bombings, wiping the precise shots of the German snipers who are quickly spotted and shot. In case of gas attack, an intermediate cartridge was installed between the fan and the air inlet. They are classified according to their destination, their size, their resistance, the types of armaments provided, etc. The Grand Bunker Museum becomes a real memory journey …, All the Atlantic Wall in an authentic SonderKonstruktion. The result is a clean atmosphere, a unique atmosphere at the Grand Bunker. / 1260 Heeres-Küsten-ArtillerieAbteilung). A bunker equipped with a generator supplies electricity to all this complex. On June 19, 1940, the German army invests Ouistreham. At the beginning of 1942, the colossal task of defending the Front Ouset naturally returned to the OT, which had to make a continuous line of defense over 4,000 km, the now famous Atlantic Wall. He supervises commanderies, captainesses as well as the various under his authority.The Port Surveillance Flotilla installed in Cherbourg, has several groups including one, based in Ouistreham.In the port of Ouistreham is therefore based a flotilla of speedboats, the 10./Raümboots Flotille.Above, pose for the photograph of the sailors of this flotilla in front of a Villa of Riva-Belle.The 10./Raümboots Flotille joined his base at Ouistreham in April 1942.Its main mission is to dredge the mines in the estuary of the Seine.It is in May 1944 placed under the orders of Kapitänleutnant Herbert Nau who has a flotilla of about twenty ships.This flotilla will not engage the gigantic armada facing Sword on the morning of June 6th. It received modifications required by the Film production and has all, really all its equipment … A rare piece that starts a new career! The 231st Infantry Brigade arrives with two companies in front of the Hamel facing German positions very determined to fight. In fact, it includes within its architecture functions that are generally dispersed in multiple works. Anyone from anywhere who is interested is more then welcome to join us. 40, Hitler ordered that the assailant be dismissed immediately at sea, bumping against the wall with a flawless defense. Defensive elements specific to a fortified sector must thus defend each other and respond together to any offensive situation of any kind.We thus find all the types of defensive works, the typical structures or Regelbauten, put to contribution to guarantee the autonomy and the firepower of the various fortified sectors of the littoral. A providential anti-tank wall completely blocks the street and protects the commandos from deadly fire. In the West, on Queen White, the companies A and C of 1st South Lancashire. Tanks DD (Duplex Drive) or amphibious, freshly landed join the attack. For a little over an hour, the two Ouistreham batteries will be taken under fire, more or less precise, the cruiser Frobisher. This calculates the distance to the target. (Deutsch) Neue Objekte für das Bunkermuseum, (Deutsch) Update zum Vortrag Errichtung einer wehrhaften Stadt. Mines or shells placed at their summit were dangerous traps for both men and equipment.Cointet anti-tank elements used previously on the Maginot Line or on the Belgian fortified positions are then found. They will be arranged in large numbers on the beaches. They also come across a stock of equipment stored in the filter room. After having belonged to the Navy, the founders wanted this unique blockhouse to recover its original appearance.A remarkable construction, since it is a Sonderkonstruktion (to which we will devote a paragraph below), all rooms were remodeled in a remarkable way, with a very abundant and authentic material. Indeed, Hitler then outlines what would become the Atlantikwall.Here are some points that show that:European coasts are now exposed in the future, to a hostile threat of landing ultra sensitive.Coastal defense requires particularly close and comprehensive cooperation among the various armed forces.The disembarked enemy must be destroyed by an immediate counterattack and thrown back into the sea.The fortified areas and points of support will be able by their armed organization, their defenses as well as their food and ammunition reserves to hold long even in the face of an enemy greatly superior in number.Fortified areas and points of support should be defended to the extreme. In the East, on Queen Red, companies A and C of 2nd East Yorskhire. Hell was indescribable. The defenses of the Atlantic Wall are built according to standard rules (Regelbauten). This indicates how the Grand Bunker represents a vestige of exceptional interest in every respect. The anti-tank ditch and the dense barbed wire networks prohibit any such option. Meetings are held in the ruins of summer camps Colleville.About 40 commandos remained on the beach, dead or wounded. Thomas Krueger, dressed as an East German National People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee, or NVA) major waits outside the "Bunker-Museum" in Rennsteighoehe, near the eastern city of Ilmenau, on October 12, 2013. German defenses were not totally destroyed by bombing. It will contain casemates with antitank guns, observation posts, armored bells, shelters and Ringstands.Finally, the Festung or Fortress specifically designates the most important and the most elaborate device of defensive works concentrated in one place. They repeat the operation by increasing the load of five kilos, which has the effect of dislocating the door. The armory of the Big Bunker is an arsenal of weapons of all kinds and perfectly illustrates the diversity of ammunition that a support had to have to keep entrenched behind the Atlantic Wall … The soldiers, theoretically , had to be able to support a 60-day seat! Für die Besucher des Bunkermuseums bei Frauenwald offenbart sich in einer Führung ein Einblick in die jüngste Geschichte Ostdeutschlands. The museum is a former East German bunker, built in the 1970s to shelter the district's command unit in an emergency. To ensure our visitors and our staff a visit in the best possible sanitary conditions, everything will be done. Take an exciting discovery tour beneath the streets of the metropolis with a visit to the Berliner Unterwelten-Museum. We then went to another massive bunker complex in the former East Germany. ); the islands ; the sandy beaches. Bloody Omaha … The bombardments of the Navy and the Air Force were ineffective. She must land on a large beach area (10 km): Juno Beach. A flag of the former DDR (abbreviation of former East Germany) is pictured at the 'Bunker-Museum' in Rennsteighoehe near the eastern city of Ilmenau October 12, 2013. The numerous pieces of the Grand Bunker, on the eve of the D-Day, swarmed, as they do now, with soldiers of all ranks, all occupied with their roles.Museography has worked to place us in the role of observer capable of surprising a life normally kept secret from the very thick concrete walls. The largest calibres are 155 mm K 420 F with a range of 21.3 km on concrete tank, supplemented by 4 75 mm FK 38 guns in armored casemates of which only one will be completed on June 6, 7 pieces of 50 KWK of which 4 placed under casemates, 4 pieces of Flak 20 mm one of which is placed on a watchtower, another hidden on the roof of a villa, one on the cellars of the casino and one on the roof of the PDT One mortar of 50 mm, another of 81 mm as well as two armored turrets for MG 34 on shelter completed by numerous trenches and tobrouks. The ensemble is surrounded by trenches and tobrouks for MG. A large minefield protects the whole against the infantry. A tank “Flail” then destroys a 75mm which has just caused a lot of losses to the men of East Yorkshire.The other companies of the two assault battalions and the two LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) carrying the French No. Intrigued by this large concrete tower that was not reported by the intelligence services, the commandos attempt an approach to this strange building and are immediately greeted by a shower of hand grenades and automatic weapons fire from the top of the bunker. Why ?Simply because the Shooting Observation and Direction Station, to fill his office is equipped in the first place with a rangefinder, a powerful optical device. We can also count in the land force 200 members of the Todt organization, composed of many Austrians of a certain age.As for the port, it is the anchorage center of the 10. He makes the most of his very special nature. In the basements, MG loopholes are located on both sides of the structure.A second battery is built near the water tower, on the road to Saint-Aubin d’Arquenay. Rommel particularly appreciated these defensive instruments and ordered their use without counting.Tellerminen, mines “plates” anti-tank; Topfmine, glass or concrete, undetectable; anti-tank and anti-personnel magnetic mines; Sinking mines … The piles trapped at their summit by a mine and connected by a network of barbed wire that were staggered in fields likely to receive gliders, will bear his name: it is obviously Asparagus from Rommel.Finally, we will talk about the Flamethrower whose activation was done remotely by electric control. The facilities covered a spectrum that ranged from the concrete block of first aid to the hospital under shelter. The Big Bunker becomes a true Treaty of the Atlantic Wall, its Abrégé or its authentic condensed.The great care given to the Museography has always sought not to restore pieces with scenes with a cold appearance; the treaty could have been coldly technical. Each piece thus restores an aspect of rare authenticity and contributes to the feeling of discovery of a place with perpetual activity.And again history is not harmed, because the Museum of the Atlantic Wall clearly demonstrates by the crowd of details that repopulate the Big Bunker, how much the Second World War was a war where Technology and the Iindustrie had a major place …And what a pleasure it is to be able to let his sense of observation wander to capture information of surprisingly varied natures that perfectly illustrates the functional organization of his works that were to form an impassable Wall to protect the mythical Fortress Europe.For the founders of the Museum, restoring is not an empty word …. Finally, the Command Post summarizes the data of the Shooting Direction Station and transmits the practical fire orders.The two levels of the Grand Bunker make it easy to grasp the connection between the Observation, the Shooting Direction Post and the Command Post. The impenetrable becomes accessible and the visitor will revel in the wealth of characters that animate the Grand Bunker because no space is unoccupied. Raumboots-Floffille commanded by the Kapitänleutnant Herbert Nau. This is EG West (Western Response Group).To build the Atlantic Wall, the West EG of the OT subdivided the coastline into higher building management ie OBL for Oberbauleitungen. However the Regelbauten used by the Organization Todt, make that the points of support of the Wall of the Atlantic present a dominant homogeneity and a solid coherence. A small bookshelf made it possible to house a few personal belongings and the hung images tried to break the promiscuity and the monotony of the concrete. The floor is reinforced by a thick layer of concrete, on top, a tobrouk for MG 42 and a piece of Flak 20 mm on vault that can serve as an anti-tank for close combat. No surrender! The 47 Commando which must take Port-en-Bessin as soon as possible does not take part in the bitter fighting of Hamel. Example of Tobruk or Ringstand used to house a machine gun. After a brief briefing, the 210 soldiers finally attack the Fortress of Ouistreham.It is then 8:20 am. The Eastern Front and the entry into the war of the United States will push Hitler to accelerate the construction over 4 000 km of the famous Atlantic Wall. Hans-Georg Tiede, 65, presents his original identity mark from the former DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, i.e. “Ouistreham at War – Sword Beach – June 1944” at Editions Heimdal, by Fabrice Corbin, Curator of the «Grand Bunker», the Museum of the Atlantic Wall. For devices using transmit-receive frequency bands, special wells allowed the deployment of an antenna outside the roof.The Grand Bunker’s signal room is well stocked. After 1918, he completed his studies and soon entered a Civil Engineering Company named Sager and Woerner, a company specializing in roads and tunnels.He joined the NSDAP (Die NationalSozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei) in 1922 and quickly gained the trust of Hitler. The exit to The Ruquet coded E (asy) 1, the abominable Wn 62 having fallen, will be released at the beginning of the afternoon. Stasi-Bunker Lübschützer Teiche (Stasi Bunker Museum) - The Stasi Bunker Museum is in Machern, a village about 30 km from Leipzig. The facilities will vary depending on whether blockhouses built for the Heer, Luftwaffe or Kriegsmarine. The most recalcitrant are quickly persuaded with the help of flamethrowers and offensive grenades. The hollow charge rockets have an extremely lethal effect on the servants of the anti-tank pieces. The ideal place to account the past and remember the time of national socialism. 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Sorry, this entry is only available in German. was founded. It is composed of the 1st Infantry Division, the famous Big Red One and the 29th Infantry Division, the Blue and Gray Division.The hell lived by the first wave of assault of the US V Corps will long for the beaches of Omaha their bloody epithet. And you will not fail, I’m sure, to imagine what the Germans were doing at the dawn of the longest day, June 6, 1944 …. The focus of the exhibition lies on the various hard fates of all affected people. There is a nice gift shop. East Germany) upon his arrival at the Bunker-Museum… On the beaches, barbed wire networks, Rommel asparagus, mines, concrete tetrahedrons and traps of all kinds. For example, a magnificent and imposing diorama presents the theoretical defense system of the D-Day beaches.Operation Neptune, the codename given to the D-Day amphibious operation, itself coded Overlord, was not forgotten more than the assault on Sword Beach. The last bunkers are reduced to grenade and P.I.A.T. He also becomes plenipotentiary of the Regulation for the Building Industry (Generalbevollmächtigter für die Regelung der Bauwirtschaft). In the West, the 29th Infantry Division is in front of Vierville-sur-Mer and Saint-Laurent while the 1st Infantry Division, in the East, is facing Saint-Laurent and Colleville. They refuel the ammunition, and then go inland towards Colleville via Bénouville. Hitler will quickly say that he found in Dr. Todt a man capable of turning a theoretical intention into a practical reality. The Omaha Beach area stretches between Arromanches and Grandcamp (including the Hangers Ranger Point). This is what gives the Grand Bunker its unique cachet in the Space of the Battle of Normandy. Today, there is still a central speaker located rue Boivin-Champeaux.Under Napoléon III, it is necessary to announce the project of construction of a great port of war, the site having attracted the attention by the presence of a natural marine pit (called Fosse of Colleville) being likely to accomodate battle ships large tonnage.