The same applies to MX styleebikes with a 29er up front and 27.5″ at the rear! The added grip of a 2.8″ tire on the rear can be particularly useful for the climbs. Spam melden. The new Scott Genius eRIDE 900 Tuned – the carbon version of the Genius eRIDE 910 that we already tested – was also not available at the time of testing. Sie werden entwickelt von passionierten Bikern wie uns und gebaut in Deutschland. Besides that, the motor itself can be quite noisy when it’s engaged but this varies from one system to another. It offers outstanding technical features, is suitable for all types of riders and is considered the benchmark in terms of riding fun. We’re fans of smart automatic modes such as Bosch’s eMTB mode, which provides the correct amount of support in almost every situation. It doesn’t get any prizes for build quality and finish but it offers a convincing package of performance-oriented componentry without any eye catching bling but all the functionality you need. Meerbusch, Rhein-Kreis Neuss. Die E-Bike Ausstattung vom Mittelmotor "Performance CX" E-Bike Antrieb kompakt: Mit 250 W wird die Leistung vom Motorhersteller Bosch bei diesem CONWAY E-Bike angegeben. ... conway alu. The MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 8000 is priced at € 6,199, coming in at € 3,600 less than the flagship model despite having the same carbon frame. SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax (Click for review) | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 170/160 mm (f/r) | 22.92 kg (size L) | € 7,979. CONWAY Produkte sind bei uns im Shop leider nicht mehr verfügbar. Think of what’s most important to you when you ride: do you want long-distance comfort or maximum trail performance? Ideally, the height of the rider determines the length of the seat post, not the size of the frame. Of course, it can be tempting to look at the battery capacity and ogle the biggest numbers. However, make sure you choose the air shock instead of the coil shock in the configurator, otherwise you’ll struggle to get the most from the bike! We also discuss some more affordable alternatives to the Best in Test and the Best Value Tip in the conclusion of this group test. If you’re not looking for the best all-rounder, we made a summary of our recommendations for specific types of riders and terrain. Zwischenzeitliche Änderung der Preise, Lieferzeit und -kosten möglich. So here are four exciting and more affordable alternatives that offer a great overall package, a wide range of applications and excellent handling. That’s why we’re seeing devices such as the MonkeyLink system on the Bulls and ROTWILD eMTBs which quickly lets you mount mudguards as well as lights that are powered by the main battery. The aluminium model is specced with SRAM Guide RE brakes and 200 mm rotors. For more information visit You want to learn more about tires? Therefore, quoting you a fixed figure isn’t only wrong, it’s misleading. 25 bikes is a big number for a group test, requiring very careful planning. Sie sparen €700. However, that versatility makes it all the more important that eMTBs are equipped to meet the demands of everyday life. Also, you should always ask yourself how much support you really need before you get into a torque-measuring contest! With your input and 25 eMTBs in tow, we travelled to Spain, the Bavarian Alps and the Italian trail paradise of Sanremo to push each bikes’ limits on various terrain. Top conway mountain comfort MC 400 jugendrad mit Gepäckträger und Korb . We pushed both ourselves and the bikes to their limits, and then beyond. Where is this all going? While non-motorised mountain bikes mostly fulfil a clearly defined purpose, eMTBs often have to fulfil several roles, getting used in many different ways. If you’re a beginner and you’re about to attempt conquering an Alpine peak, first think about how you’re going to get back down. Diese Bikes weisen den Charakter vollwertiger MTB auf, bieten aber einen hohen Fahrkomfort und sind für die Straße komplett ausgerüstet. € 8,110: average price of the bikes in this group test 2 bikes for the price of one? Heavier riders are advised to ask their local dealer about the total weight limit of the bike before buying. eMTB trends and findings from our 2020 group test. Increased battery capacity, more travel and more durable components such as tires with thicker casings. Short seat tubes make it possible for customers to choose more freely between different frame sizes, provided that you can fit a correspondingly long dropper post. … We had planned our test track based on your feedback from the reader survey as well as an additional survey on the type of riding you do. CONWAY Hermann Hartje KG Deichstr. Everyone benefits, from beginners to experts! However, the deciding factor here is whether or not the battery concept suits your needs and riding style. More battery capacity automatically means more weight, which together with the larger dimensions of the battery usually impacts negatively on the centre of gravity and weight distribution on the bike. Are you an experienced rider with an active riding style? Kontakt. Conway E-Bike Fully Xyron S 227 gebrauch 1.000 - 2000 km. The best ebike navigation systems on test – 5 devices go head to head, 5 bikes give you the option of attaching an additional, external battery to the bike (dual-battery system). You’ll also find many helpful tips and a guide to the most exciting eMTB trends – all of this is wrapped in a high quality print format. : +49 4251 811 – 90 (Endverbraucher-Hotline) Fax: +49 42 51 / 8 11 – 159 E-Mail: In our article “I weigh 90 kg – am I too heavy for my E-bike?” we look into that exact question. Why? Grips: CONWAY “Sport Fix” Seat: CONWAY “3378” Comfort Seatpost: CONWAY Patent, Ø 31.6 mm Fender: SKS, plastic Luggage Carrier: ÄTRAN “Tour Pro”, incl. 108 - 109. Instead we’re looking for the best solution for a specific application! It performs excellently on technical climbs as well as rough and fast descents and it even feels at home on flow trails. How heavy are you? Kaufe jetzt Fahrradteile und Fahrradzubehör von CONWAY bequem und sicher im Online Shop von bike-components. Even though all motors share the same claimed nominal power motor output of 250 watts, there are huge differences between models. 26 Zoll, 21Gang Shimano Schaltung mit Tacho und Flaschenhalter. Vor 14 Tagen. This way you don’t have to choose a size based on the length of your legs but on the handling characteristics that you want from a bike. Where are all the batteries and why did we test an electric downhill bike? 120-122 27318 Hoya. overview on the currently available battery systems. The same motor can feel very different in two different bikes. After all, you have to consider the bike as a whole, especially given that the differences in energy consumption due to suspension, tires, components, motor tuning and the chosen support modes can be huge. But what good is the most prestigious componentry if it doesn’t suit the bike’s intended use? Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert (Click for review) | Specialized 2.1/700 Wh | 180/180 mm (f/r) | 24.20 kg (size S4) | € 6,899, Whyte E-180 RS V1 (Click for review) | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 180/180 mm (f/r) | 24.88 kg (size L) | € 6.999. With the 25 bikes we chose, we’re able to fulfil almost all our readers’ wishes. Instead, we always recommend to read the actual review because this is where we can look at the bike’s characteristics in detail and assess it as a whole. Unfortunately, manufacturers still have to find workarounds for Bosch systems. In total, the bikes in this group test cost € 202,828, which could… … buy you a ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight into space … 13,520 cases of Augustiner beer. The good-natured Cannondale accepts a payload of up to 125 kg and the fun YT DECOY will take a maximum payload of 127 kg. Price plays a subordinate role to the latest technologies and new benchmarks. More battery capacity inevitably leads to compromises in trail performance, handling and everyday practicality. There’s a lot to be done here in the coming years to get more clarity on the subject! We were looking for the complete package of handling, climbing and descending capabilities as well as comfort, design, motor performance, battery concept, weight and attention to detail. FOOD CART FACTORY AND MAIN OFFICES 84-06 102nd Road Ozone Park, NY 11416 MAIN BICYCLE FACTORY 2449 Bulk Plant Road The Orbea WILD FS M20 costs € 5,999 and comes with FOX Performance suspension offering 160 mm travel, which is easy to set up and performs well. That mission is the same reason everybody throws a leg over their very first bike … This is why we try to judge the bikes according to their strengths and weaknesses in the right context and to let you decide on the basis of this information whether or not the bike suits you and your personal requirements. In general, the correct tire pressure is extremely important and depends heavily on the rider’s weight, the terrain and the tire casing. If you want an agile yet composed eMTB that thrives at high speed, you should take a closer look at the more reasonably priced but still customisable WILD FS M20! What does the best eMTB have to be capable of? EUR 49,90 Versand. It was our aim to answer these questions with every review, thus giving you a clear recommendation for or against every individual bike. Our editor will Felix let you in on everything you need to know about tires, as well as explaining how to find the perfect tire combination for your E-Mountainbike. The same rule applies to battery capacity as it does to suspension travel: more isn’t always better. This tranquil location provided us with the best conditions to test the bikes head to head to find out what sets them apart. What’s the furthest distance that you’re likely to ride in an extreme case and with how much elevation gain? And for whom isn’t it? 82 - 91. mtb comfort. CONWAY Hermann Hartje KG Deichstr. CONWAY Bikes sind innovativ und sportlich. Composure, agility and direct handling are determined by many factors besides the wheel size. trelock "bike-i mini ls592" led 15 lux. Do you mainly ride in power-saving modes or do you prefer full power? Power is nothing without control. Alles in "Fahrradschlösser & Diebstahlschutz", Alles in "Montageständer & Fahrradhalter", Alles in "Schrauben & Befestigungsmaterial". The good news first: the majority of the 25 most promising eMTBs of 2020 didn’t disappoint. The weight advantage of carbon over aluminium rims is less noticeable on an eMTB. First of all, we want to thank you! Included as a question in our reader survey this year, over 11,000 eMTB riders gave us valuable feedback for this group test, helping us to select which bikes to include, and to make this mammoth project as useful and relevant as possible! Read on to find out the trends of the new season, and which bike comes out on top. The Levo Comp even has one advantage over the S-Works: it comes with aluminium rims. 120-122 27318 Hoya. Nowadays you’ll find similar modes on almost every motor. The answers we received from 11,000 eMTBers in our reader survey clearly show how diverse and varied your requirements are. What’s the best Bosch bike? Wheel sizes 40% of the bikes come with 27.5″ wheels 36% of the bikes use MX wheels (29″ front, 27.5″ rear) 24% of the bikes feature 29″ wheels. CONWAY Hermann Hartje KG Deichstr. cross. Rims: CONWAY Hollow Chamber “X6”, Disc Spokes: Niro Hub Front Wheel: SHIMANO “HB-TX505” QR Hub Rear Wheel: SHIMANO “FH-TX505” QR Tire: IMPAC “Smartpac”, 57-584 Handle Bar: CONWAY Riser, Ø 31.8, 720 mm Stem: CONWAY, Ø 31,8 mm Grip: CONWAY “sport” Seat: CONWAY “3378” Comfort Seatpost: CONWAY Patent, Ø 31.6 mm What good is downhill performance if getting to the top of the trail is a chore? The excellent eONE-SIXTY has been completely revised for 2020. 120-122 27318 Hoya. Unfortunately, far too many bike buyers are blinded by individual components – if the handling isn’t good, the best motor isn’t any good either! Probably too heavy if you consider the total permissible weight limit of many eMTBs! Three years ago we elaborated on the fact that range measurements made in a laboratory aren’t realistic and so far the bike industry hasn’t come up with an alternative. We often hear these questions but we’re not out to answer them. Conway E-Bike Fully Xyron S 227 gebrauch 1.000 - 2000 km. Click here for the full review on the COMMENCAL META POWER 29 TEAM 2020. It can happen that some eMTBs sound like a two-stroke while a different bike with the same motor is nearly silent, because the one frame amplifies the noise and the other dampens it. Giving an absolute range measurement would inevitably be misleading and not correspond to reality. IMPAC "Smartpac", 54-584, Reflex CONWAY Riser, 31,8, 680 mm CONWAY, A-Head CONWAY "Neo Comfort" CONWAY Patent SKS Kunststoff RACKTIME "Light it" AXA "Blueline 30", E-bike … The handling is excellent and allows both beginners and professionals to wind their way up and down technical trails in the Alps as well as head for the bike park. Thömus Lightrider E2 Pro 2021 first ride review – Is a modular concept key? In fact, the effort we put into this group test makes everything else we’ve done pale in comparison: After our editorial team selected what they considered to be the most exciting and important bikes for 2020, we confirmed our choices using results of our reader survey – specifically, the 11,000 votes for most popular brands and eMTBs that you’re most interested in buying in 2020. The alternative costs over € 5,000 less. We’ve compiled a list of exciting, sad, surprising, entertaining and enlightening facts and figures from the test field and made some comparisons to last year. 92 - 97. atb comfort. Nevertheless, we’ve put together an overview on the currently available battery systems including their advantages and disadvantages while giving you some specific recommendations. Es gelten unsere DatenschutzbestimmungenDatenschutzbestimmungen. Kontakt. However, you’ll have to learn to live with the increased weight. Conway Cairon S 327 MTB E-Bike, 2020 Mountainbike Pedelec Bosch CX 2.750,00 € Conway Cairon S 327 Trapez E-Bike, 2020 Mountainbike Pedelec Bosch CX Each approach has advantages and disadvantages, which have to be considered as a whole. Same as on the flagship model, we recommend upgrading the tires with a more robust set if you intend to ride on rough trails. It looks like 2020 will be the best year in eMTB riding yet! The average battery capacity is 596 Wh. Conway Cairon S 327 Trapez E-Bike, 2020 Mountainbike Pedelec Bosch CX 3.672,43 € FISCHER Damen - E-Bike Trekking VIATOR 5.0i, grau matt, 28 Zoll, RH 44 oder 49 cm, Brose Drive C … Tel. In general, we recommend at least 140 mm travel at front and rear. Unlike suspension, longer is always better! What information do you need to make the right decision? Seeing as it’s such a complex topic, we’ve dedicated a separate chapter to it later on. Compared to last year, the bikes have become longer and slacker: Have eMTBs got better in 2020? Nevertheless, the componentry, integration and technical features as well as factors such as the frame size are crucial in determining the handling, performance and durability. That’s approximately 90 Wh more than last year’s group test. Other useful solutions include quick-chargers which can rapidly fill your battery during your lunch break or even carrying a spare battery. Entdecke 42 Anzeigen für Conway MTB 26 zu Bestpreisen. atb. That mission is the same reason everybody throws a leg over their very first bike … Conway MCL 327 Damen. We rode all 25 bikes back to back over 10 days to figure out the many differences between them. Many of bikes were built with a specific purpose in mind, which is admirable. Of course, we also tested the bikes at our headquarters near Stuttgart, where along with regular trail blasting, they had to prove their everyday practicality as offroad commuters. Incidentally, it is a misconception that performance on the trail and everyday practicality are mutually exclusive. Along with Rocky Mountain and Specialized, the Shimano system allows you to customise the support levels via an app. Conway Y-Comfort 400 MTB Fahrrad. We broke two carbon rims during our tests in Spain and hadn’t even punctured the tire. It's finally here: The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2020 is our third annual edition and ultimate test bible, with which we aim to help you choose the perfect eMTB. At the very least, if you ask us! But where will it end? Conway mountain Bike . Ohhh yes, this bike has to be amazing!” Bullshit! That means you won’t immediately write them off if you hit a rock at speed and will usually come away with nothing more than a dent. We definitely recommend using knee pads and gloves when exploring challenging terrain and, of course, always a helmet! Digital & free: by Felix Stix/Robin Schmitt/Jonas Muessig. The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2020 is our third annual edition and ultimate test bible, with which we aim to help you choose the perfect eMTB. The biggest flops of the group test: the Bosch motor tends to rattle, the TQ system constantly gives a high-pitched buzz and the Rocky Mountain could be used for a “Made in Canada” coffee grinder radio ad. Sonderpreis. The limiting factors here are usually the seat post, carbon wheels and cockpit. In some cases, you can upgrade to a more compact dropper post that offer more travel with less insertion depth. Instead, we focussed on helping you find the right bike for you and your riding style. Sende die ungenutzte Ware innerhalb von 100 Tagen nach dem Kauf zurück. It features a 160mm travel Marzocchi Z1 ebike-specific fork and a 150mm RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ shock. Some motors feel very natural in their assistance and are easy to control, while others require you to tiptoe on the pedals at the correct cadence.